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Be a part of our growth journey!

We are looking for partners who want to take part in growing with us and offering the Wheelie Machine across multiple locations!

Refundable at any time, this is a token amount that tells us you're serious and want to have further discussions about your involvement with Wheelie Machine


Why should I sign up?

By signing up, you’re showing interest to partner with the Wheelie Machine team! This may involve helping us scale or running your own machine in your area. We will then work with you to work out how we can make wheelie machine a success in your area!


Why are you asking for only $1,000 now?

We have had tremendous interest in the machine. We are inviting you on the journey, and asking for $1,000AUD as a starting figure to confirm your genuine interest in the product and to get us started on working together. 


What will it cost:

Depending on your requirements, the cost of the machine and package can vary. Indicatively the cost of equipment can vary from $25,000-45,000 and we will be personally meet you and show you how to operate the machine. 


Can I get my money back?

Yes, the full amount is fully refundable at any time. All you need is to reach out to us to let us know you no longer wish to be on the list, and we will refund the full amount to you within 3 working days.


I am based outside of Australia, can I become a Wheelie Machine partner?

Yes, you’re able to partner with us and get your own wheelie machine if you’re based outside of Australia. 


So what's next?

When you sign up to become a partner, you will get a personal reach out from our founder and business owner - Taras, who will work with you to set up your own business and how we can help you get there.