About the Wheelie Machine

A portable device that allows to practice wheelies truly anywhere! The machine harnesses a road simulating device that is used to provide resistance to the motorbike’s rear wheel.

The Wheelie Machine® was designed and built by two brother Jeremy and Taras, who also run a motorbike shop in Melbourne's south-east: Bike Republic! We built and designed the machine in Melbourne, Australia.

The bike is mounted via the rear axle and is allowed to pivot around the rear wheel. Thanks to the straps, you can't flip the bike - what would otherwise be a detrimental mistake if out on tarmac.

The rider can use the machine to practice clutch, throttle and rear brake to improve wheelie technique. A sprung ramp is used to help absorb the impact upon landing as well as help the bike get into the wheelie position.


I’ve had a ball and I’ve gained an understanding of a wheelie’s balance point – something I would have never otherwise been able to do... well worth the experience.

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Australian Motorcycle News

Being on the machine certainly helps in honing wheelie technique and for getting a sense of where the bike's balance point lies...Thanks to Wheelie Machine, riders can scratch that itch without fear of accidents, court appearances, and costly repair bills.

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